Music theory is the ordered structure and terminology that organizes all the sounds that can be played on an instrument or heard in nature into logical and uniform systems. The classification of sounds, specifically melody and harmony, into such distinct categories is necessary for composers and players so that they may enhance their compositional abilities or skills on the instrument. It is extremely challenging to cover all aspects of music theory due to the subjects diversity and depth. In addition, often you cannot understand music theory completely without understanding a musical instrument and that is something a website will never be a substitute for.


Music theory has been divided into a large variety of categories which I attempt to cover in this website in adequate detail. At its current state the website covers all the fundamental terms and ideas that define the structure of musical expression, the use of these concepts together to demonstrate how they are used in composition (including classical music theory), more advanced functions of these concepts (jazz theory and ethnic music theory), and atonality.


Any aspiring musician must have knowledge of at least a little music theory and I hope to provide something for the musicians out there interested in the topic and expecting to progress and advance their understanding and gratitude for their instruments and music in general.


There may be a myriad of websites out there already that provide what I have to offer but I have not created this website for any other purpose but my own interest as well as a way of refining all aspects of theory that I understand. It is unfortunate that many do not share a sense of appreciation for the beautiful connections and interrelations between the variety of concepts as well as its closeness to mathematics. Music theory is an art form in itself and can be just as beautiful as written music.


I have tried to organize this website in a way I feel will be most logical to someone learning the beautiful language for the first time. I encourage those who are overwhelmed by the massive wealth of information there is to learn in the topic to continue to strive towards understanding. Do not let your perseverance falter. Sometimes you will come across concepts in music theory that can easily be understood with little or no trouble while other times you will have to carefully read and comprehend each word and sentence before you can move on. This is the same in any subject you will ever study. If you are still unable to understand something, you may send me an e-mail or you may try to consult one of the sources in the links or reference pages.



Website Updates


11.20.05 - Changed some layout issues, and added links to most of the bottoms on the top banner. Footer now links to e-mail/contribution page. I have started working on the basics section and rhythm section of intermediate theory but nothing is online yet.


11.16.05 - Most of the scales and chords sections of intermediate theory are up. Rhythm patterns should be updated within the next few weeks since it will not require an extreme amount of attention. Temperament on the other hand will be particularly difficult to cover as this topic seems quite endless and complicated. I will likely put this aside temporarily and try to update the basics lesson.